Our strong Science and Engineering fundamentals enables us to design and develop complex Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Automation, AI and Bio-Medical systems.

Who We Are

VKCPL is an Engineering R&D and Design Services Company with “Complete Expertise in End-to-End Product Development, Extraordinary Technical Capabilities and Proven Track Record”

VKCPL provide Engineering and technology services to support the entire offering life cycle

We support various industries from the conceptual design to product realization worldwide

VKCPL’s Engineers on average have at least 10 years of design experience – some of them with more than 17 years

What We Do

We take up Design Services for End-to-End product development that includes Sensor Design, FPGA, Optoelectronics, Robotics, RF, Firmware, OS, Thermal and Mechanical

We provide New Product Design & Development Services to virtually every industry, including Consumer, Telecom, Automotive, Bio-Medical and Defense

Have strong expertise in multiple hardware technologies such as Optoelectronics, Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF and High-Speed Digital Design etc.

We provide specialized Engineering Capabilities as design services cutting across industries, bringing a wealth of experience and technical expertise

Our design expertise helps clients to design and develop high-performance products – hardware, software and mechanical. We help accelerate product innovation and manage product variants

Our services consist of system architecture design, HW Board design, Software Development, Testing, Validation and Low-Level Manufacturing as well. This gives the customer an option to get a complete product designed under one roof starting from requirements definition


Today’s products demand high reliability at the lowest possible costs to be achieved in the shortest possible timeline. VKCPL help customers to achieve this target

Achieve faster time-to-market

Value addition at every stage of product development

End-to-End integrated design services that combine Hardware, Mechanical, Thermal Design, Software Development and Complete System Validation all under one roof

Design Services
System Design

VKCPL’s Key Differentiating Factors

VKCPL is very strong in Science & Engineering and Electronics Fundamentals. This enables us to develop any kind of complex systems, such as systems for Nuclear and Neutrino Research, AI, Defense, Bio-Medical etc.

We have the Creativity, Expertise, Experience and Problem-solving intelligence to deliver product design solutions that are Innovative and Successful

Our problem-solving approaches are Practical, Unique, Optimized and Innovative

We will come up with Right Time Estimation and Never ask for Extension

VKCPL’s Confidence Factor

Be it a challenging Electronic/Electrical system or be it system that involves multiple branches of Physics, we have the expertise, proven track record and confidence to design and develop a system that works as expected

About V K C P L

Valarkathir Creatronics Private Limited.

We are an Engineering R&D and Design Services Company

Our strong Science and Engineering fundamentals enables us to design and develop complex Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Automation, AI and Bio-Medical systems

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