We have the expertise to deliver PCB designs that are top quality, well-managed, and on-time. We design single, double, and multilayer, Rigid and Rigid-Flex PCBs.

We have good expertise in PCB design with a solid reputation in Power, Analog, High-speed Digital, Mixed-signal and RF systems.

We have good engineering methodology to ensure efficient and cost effective designs. We do multiple design reviews before sending it to manufacturing.

High-speed Digital, Analog, Mixed-signal and RF PCB designs

PCB Designs for Defence, Medical and Commercial applications

RF and analog design experience (RF Shields, Printed Antennas and Guard rings)

Multilayer PCB (24 layers and above) and High-density designs

High speed interconnects: DDR4, DDR3 & SerDes

Impedance controlled designs with stack-up and material selection

Design to meet SI and Standards Compliance

Capable of designing fine pitch BGA (0.5mm) of high pin count (such as 1136 pin BGA)

Blind and Buried via design

Design according to DFM, DFA, DFT requirements to minimize the time from prototype to production

Expertise in Cadence, Mentor and Altium EDA tools

Complete ownership for layout design till delivery of Gerber and subsequent transfer of PCB to fabrication vendor

Design to meet IPC, UL, MIL, DO-254 standards

About V K C P L

Valarkathir Creatronics Private Limited.

We are an Engineering R&D and Design Services Company

Our strong Science and Engineering fundamentals enables us to design and develop complex Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Automation, AI and Bio-Medical systems

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