Product Design Services

Feasibility Studies

We at VKCPL go through every product requirements and other inputs from customers and evaluate technical feasibility before proceeding further

We commonly consider Technical feasibility, Economic feasibility and Operational feasibility in this order and share our feasibility study outcome to customers

It is an evaluation of practical extent to which a project can be performed successfully. This determines whether the solution considered to accomplish the requirements is practical and can be implemented

Proof of Concept (PoC) Development

VKCPL is one of few organizations where we have extra-ordinary expertise in converting customer’s concept/idea into a working system

This helps customer to validate their concept. PoC is to design and develop a working prototype that helps to establish evidence that the potential product can be successful

During PoC stage customers get to know practical difficulties in implementation, used to estimate project timelines and help customer to understand financial viability

Fast Prototyping

Customer who want to have quick turnaround time or when time to availability is a concern, VKCPL is right organization to rely for fast prototyping. The main advantage of fast prototyping is very fast execution speed.

VKCPL has complete R&D, Eco-system, and Design Expertise to come up with fast prototyping. We quickly come-up with system that involves HW Board Design, FPGA based prototyping, Mechanical Design and Thermal solutions

Fast Prototyping helps customers to refine design and check results in real time

Fast prototyping provides early proof, testing in real time on hardware, and can help customers to identify both HW and SW issues and quickly adjust their designs until satisfied with the results


VKCPL not only quickly come up with prototype, it also helps customers to convert their prototype to product in a relatively shorter time.

VKCPL has good expertise in New Product Development (NPD), where our experience in every stage from Concept to Production, helps customers to productize the concept/prototype

Our interdisciplinary expertise (HW Design, Mechanical Design, Thermal solutions and Software) under one roof saves customer’s time, effort and money.

Manufacturing Support

VKCPL provides efficient complete support services to the different electronics industries such as Appliances Manufacturing, Industrial Automation etc.

We help our customers through production planning, which is the core of all manufacturing processes. Production planning is to make an efficient use of the available resources during the manufacturing process, minimize costs and time to market.

Component Engineering: Cost competitive components, Identifying alternate components, RoHS Compliance Components, Components that meets compliances etc.

About V K C P L

Valarkathir Creatronics Private Limited.

We are an Engineering R&D and Design Services Company

Our strong Science and Engineering fundamentals enables us to design and develop complex Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Automation, AI and Bio-Medical systems

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