Optoelectronics & Laser Projects

Flow Cytometer

  • Cytometer is designed for detecting or counting marked/tagged biological cells/viruses
  • This system is designed from concept to prototype
  • It uses multiple Low Noise photo-detectors with sensitivity ranging from sub-pW to nW
  • Gated photo-detection with both Si APD (650nm) and InGaAs APD (1550nm)
  • It also uses multiple Laser drivers with output power ranging from few hundred mW
  • Drivers use both Continuous Wave (CW) Laser and Pulsed Laser with pulse width down to few ns
  • The variable on-board 300V bias voltage generation

High Current Laser

  • High Current Laser Driver board with maximum current control up to 10A
  • High-efficiency switching power supply design
  • Current control and monitoring
  • Thermal consideration and heat sink design
  • Laser diode safety and protection circuit implemented
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