System Design

Analog and Mixed Signal Design

High frequency and high sensitive analog board design

Mixed signal board design

SNR analysis

EMI & EMC compliance design

Low power designs



RF Design

Design and development of complete RF system

Feasibility study for cost, size and performance

Electrical, Thermal & Mechanical analysis

Provide consultancy for EMI/EMC issues

EMI shielding solutions

Optimize devices for certification

Expertise in Microwave office, ADS and ANSOFT

Optimize RF factors for S-parameter, Return path and Isolation

Design, integrate and validate Transmission lines , QWT & PCB filters

LTE, LTE+,LTE Advanced RF system design

Microwave Antenna design


Expertise in devices and tools from different vendors – Xilinx, Altera and Lattice

Implementation of IPs

Timing analysis, Tuning of delay and Place & Route analysis

Verification of logic by functional and timing simulation using test benches

Proven coding techniques, thereby reducing testing & debugging time

Selection of right FPGA device for speed, power, performance and cost constraints

High-speed SerDes transceivers based design

DDR4, DDR3 high speed memory interface designs




High speed Digital, Analog, Mixed signal and RF designs

High speed interconnects : DDR4, DDR3 & SerDes

Impedance controlled Designs with stack-up and material selection

Signal Integrity and EMI Analysis during PCB layout design

Capable of designing fine pitch BGA (0.5mm) of high pin count (such as 1136 pin BGAs)

Blind and Buried via design

High Layer count (24 layers and above) and High density designs

Design according to DFM, DFA, DFT requirements to minimize time from prototype to production

Expertise in Cadence, Mentor and Altium EDA tools

Complete ownership for layout design till delivery of Gerber and subsequent transfer of PCB to fabrication vendor

Design to meet IPC, UL, MIL, DO-254 standards


Develop, test, integrate and deliver embedded software solutions

Select, compare and recommend best suited processor for an given application

Coding for Microcontroller, DSP, PowerPC and ARM processor based designs



Mechanical Prototyping



Thermal Analysis



Qualification Tests


Environmental Tests

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